Thursday, September 30, 2010

ERP software is related to Construction Software, Dairy Software, Erp Software, School Software & Hospital Management Software

Erp Software which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software is a systems management solution which helps in improving the performance of an organization’s resources; namely men, material, money and equipments.
It achieves this by better planning, managing and controlling key functions across the various departments of an organization. This multi-module application software integrates various activities, such as product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, product distribution to order tracking etc.
If applied thoroughly with full support of the participating departments, ERP software solution can help an organization in optimizing the use of its resources. It can help in drastically cutting down Material Wastages, Inventory shortages, delivery pilferages, and help in greatly improving productivity, customer service, quality control, and client’s delivery etc. Our services of ERP software is related to school management, hospital managementdairy software and real estate & builders management software.

Construction Management Software-
Our builders' management software ERP Enterprise Solution system offers a total co-ordination of all the key processes involved in construction companies involved in Building & construction management, Building Roads, Building Dams, Houses & Apartments as well as construction business operating from different locations and sites. This Builders Management Software ERP application manages almost all activities of an organization, be it Project Management, Employing Manpower and even delivering S-Curver, Pert Chart and Daily Progress Report etc.
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Dairy Management Software-

Another industry which has been operating in an unorganized manner is the Dairy industry. Our Dairy Software is designed to extent the benefits of technology to this not so technologically sound industry, which is mainly run by farmers in the rural areas. By introducing milk dairy software ERP solutions in this industry, we look forward to working in the larger interests of milk producers by giving them optimum yield from their available resources.
Right from collection of milk from various farmers to the storage of milk and later processing of milk and its various products being produced at various stages, our dairy software provides the solution for dairy management looks at all the important processes that go into producing quality milk products for the customers.

School Management Software-
Our School ERP Enterprise Solution system offers complete School Management software school ERP software help in streamlining every activity in the school. which covers all the functions related to the smooth functioning of schools & colleges. Right from issuing of pre-admission forms to the announcement of cut-off list, followed by the new admissions and their subsequent fee submissions to the disbursing of study material, the features covered in our The day to day functioning of our school software at schools and colleges management which includes class attendance, teacher’s attendance.

Hospital Management Software
The Hospital management ERP Enterprise Solution system offered by us collectively brings the most up-to-date technologies and fine administrative processes to effectively streamline various key processes inside a hospital. This hospital management software is fully capable for working with multi-specialty in hospital systems, and is well equipped to cover all the processes related to a Hospital’s day–to day functioning.

Our hospital management software covers all the functional areas right from the hospital’s reception log to the discharge summary details and all the activities that happen in the hospital in-between.

Erp Software- is an offshore software development company located in Delhi, the heart of India has developed an ERP software solution exclusively for manufacturers & distributors. ERP software solution can help manufacturering & distributoring companies in optimizing the use of their resources. It can help in drastically cutting down Material Wastages, Inventory shortages, delivery pilferages, and help in greatly improving productivity, Customer service, Quality Control, and client’s delivery etc